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Venus has been an artist for more then 20+ years and is now evolving into creating illustrated stories that reflect her life experiences and personal/social perspectives. She is currently experiencing colon cancer for a second time and adding her current experiences with previous experiences in self reflection and self help for the future. She has self-published for a series she writes and illustrates called "100 Word Graphic Shorts" and is working on various other projects for publication. Her future plans are to go back to school for a Masters in Art Therapy, to further incorporate visual narrative to therapeutic practices and discover how it can assist individual self therapy.

Venus: Cooking with Cancer

In July 2014, Cooking with Cancer was created as a way to cope with experiencing cancer and loosing what I felt as part of my femininity. From beginning to end, however, food was always the first thing on my mind.
“What can I eat?
“What should I eat?”
“What foods fight cancer?”
So as a lover of food, I created my own recipes, researched alternative medicines, and maintained a healthy exercise and personal routine to help fight my cancer.

Cooking with Cancer is a written and graphic collection of such reflections.

In my presentation, I will present a graphic synopsis of my experience that fuels the overall collection.