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Cynthia Clark Harvey

Phoenix, AZ, USA
Cynthia Clark Harvey is a writer/artist living in Phoenix, AZ, USA. Reading comics has been a life-long pleasure for Cynthia; creating comics is a more recent pursuit. Cynthia’s other job is framing art.
Cynthia Clark Harvey: Drawn To You, A Graphic Panegyric Two brilliant and beautiful daughters – life for the Harveys seems, for the most part, charmed, until the older, Erica, begins, at the age of 14, to exhibit signs of serious mental illness. The family is thrown into disruption and desperation as they seek care for their girl. When Erica dies a wholly preventable death in a therapeutic program, the family is rocked to its core. Excerpts from a graphic memoir-in-process present one mother’s story, addressed to her daughter, of the Firstborn’s conception, birth, life, death, and the family’s journey without her.