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John Swogger

John G Swogger is an archaeologist and illustrator, and writes numerous comics on archaeological topics. He also illustrated and co-wrote the comic book Something Different About Dad – Living With your Autistic Parent.

John Swogger and Liesl Swogger: Acting Like One Of Those People

This year marks the significant transformation of our collaborative graphic novel project, One of Those People. For the past five years it has been something which we have pursued as a shared but personal project. But now, as we move towards publication, our personal project has become something new. Talking about the progress of a graphic novel project – particularly one dealing with an illness narrative – is a kind of performance. With the prospect of publication, we find ourselves being asked to perform our project on an increasingly public and professional stage. What happens to the performance of deeply personal medical narratives when publication pushes it into a different kind of limelight? How does the immediacy and intimacy of that performance change? How do these inevitable changes affect notions of authenticity? Our presentation charts subtle changes in the performance of our project as we adapt to the literary and editorial expectations of new audiences - and charts how the project itself has changed as our performance of it alters.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, July 9

13:00 BST