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Linda Raphael

George Washington University
Professor/Dierctor of Medicine and Humanities
Washington,, DC
The first time I presented on teaching comics and medicine was at the inaugural Graphic Medicine Conference in London, 2010. Not only did I meet the terrific gang who have become mainstays of the Graphic Medicine community, but learned about texts I did not know, and began to develop some theoretical concepts about graphic texts. Although I was prepared to push on this year with another theoretical paper, building on some ideas I have presented before, the Commixclass I am teaching has led me to think about stages in medical education seen through the lens of graphic texts. As it turns out, the MS IV elective, which is not a course on graphic texts, has revealed some impirtant matters about the way a graphic text may intersect with medical-student stages. The particular text is canonical in the world of Graphic Medicine - Brian Fies' Mom's Cancer. The text is often discussed in terms of patients families, and the behaviour of medical proffesionals - this look at it will be from the prespective of graduatiing medical students.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, July 9

08:30 BST